Fresh, Humble and Honest
Private Client
September 2023

Refreshing Playful Quirkiness

A bright yellow door, set within the stately bluestone facade of a heritage 1800s workers cottage in Melbourne's inner urban Fitzroy, is the first hint of a sweeping and refined interior design intervention shaped by a collaboration between Lee Dwyer of Leftfield Studio and Tamara Hannaford-Maizey of Hannaford Design Studio.

Anchored by the client’s extensive art collection and their love of the colour green, Fitzroy House has been formed into a home that exudes a refreshingly playful quirkiness. Overtly contemporary design gestures and a courageous use of colour have been boldly embraced, leavened by the meticulous restoration of historic elements. These two visual languages have then been effortlessly reconciled by a curation of mid-century and vintage furniture, lighting and styling.

Richly leaden notes of bluestone, diverse textures, patinated brass and a feature mirrored ceiling in the parlour, alongside a myriad of lustrous textiles instil a sense of modernity while the continuation of brass and green tones throughout the home render it simultaneously eclectic and cohesive.

In its dedication to mediating between old and new in a way that constantly circles back to the expressions of its inhabitants, Fitzroy House now has new, intuitive programming aligned with contemporary living patterns and is defined by a collection of tailored ensembles that en mass, see the house rise out of claustrophobic darkness to feel fresh, humble and honest. Through design, the workers cottage has awoken from a long slumber to pulse with luminosity and life.

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